'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

my refrigerator's broken

bert took some food. i took some to MR. gave up on some. i'd just been shopping, too.

i cleared half the sink of dishes so's to wash most of the dairy stuff down the drain. it'll probably still stink in there in the morning, but maybe not as bad.

i'd paused the baseball when it was 1-0 and Project Runway before the runway part; bert gave away the baseball game but not the designer finale. now it's really late, but i guess i'll go in there and see what's what with that. guessing i'll see if T doesn't mind me taking the morning (at least) to try to get an appliance person in here.


i have this idea of running to new york, in just weeks now. been pondering the money of it. hate to have an appliance scuttle me on that one, but i guess it might.

of course if i have to buy a new refrigerator, i'll have a clean refrigerator.

was just writing of weeping willows in email, which reminded me of this cut:

it was my favorite track on a japanese import i bought in college. so mysterious, she seemed to me then. and still does, in ways. there's some grand human mystery in her grandly human voice.

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