'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

nice to be late to this one

I'm only today catching wind of the blogger at Marie Claire magazine spewing some amazingly vile stuff about fat people, way back, like, Monday, and prompting quite a backlash thereafter. So now, when I click around about it, I have hundreds of slams back at her to choose from. I could spend days doing little but reading outraged responses, some really dead-on, some funny, lots with great f-you points.

The upshot of her post is such a broad swath of defending of fat people's right (I grant you, just) to exist in the world and appear in public; such a broad swath of people pissed off at (and recognizing) hatred, fat-phobic vitriol, fulla-shit privilege, way outta line sharing of personal prejudice as if it's part of a cultural reckoning, a debate, some question of what's become of all of us, the way "we" have these horrible fatties all over the place, expecting to be allowed out.

I mean, it's, like, empowering. Ha! Talk about the intention of hate speech backfiring. If anything I now feel more like being (fat) on TV, walking (fat) across rooms in the presence of fat-hating people, making out (fat) with another fat person in public.

Speaking of, the way I heard about the whole kerfuffle was through a posting about The Big Fat Kiss-In! Fat people are going to gather in front of the Marie Claire building in NY tomorrow evening and kiss each other. And walk about, I'm sure. And be in public.

"Direct action gets the goods." :)

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