'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

in a minute, grilled cheese

decided no to a grocery run. did extend taking the trash out into an after-dark constitutional, in the unseasonably warm, breezy night of this sunday.

on this day i have also screened discs, and gathered various compostables and swept the back deck and retrieved major vineage and branch action looming over the garage-shed, and played with my trains (in "lucky train," another facebook escape). i have 10 more discs to watch yet tonight.

didn't manage to dvr last night's NLCS playoff finale, as i thought i had, but it'd been spoiled for me anyway, despite all my dutiful not attending to the TV playing it at the bowling alley. was gonna watch it & see if the SF flavor, and the fellas i like on that team, might sway meet to root NL over the Rangers. hard to let myself, though. texas = american league; texas = team that beat yanks; texas = never been to series; texas = team i know people who root for first-of-all. so what if their "god bless america" at the stretch is accompanied by (e.g.) military crap, vs. the one (i didn't skip past) in SF with the dame from Beach Blanket Babylon? and so what if bush favors them? and so what if i prefer the ballpark and the colors and the uniforms of SF, and so what if they're the team with Jon Miller (as announcer), one of my favorite baseball people ever? and, of course, so what if they're representing a queer mecca?

so what is, basically, so i won't be heartbroken if either team wins. but i gotta pick one to root for. at least game-by-game.

maybe i'll root texas except when lincecum is pitching. or that weirdly bearded closer. or when SF's freak flag is flying in any fashion.

urbanspoon just wrote to tell me that Big Mouth (cheesesteaks in Detroit) closed. too bad. they were a cheez-whiz cheesesteak joint, really, in their specialty, and it was salty as the dickens, but i did like it. i like me a cheesesteak. especially a chicken one, any more.

that reminds me, i was gonna go make supper. already cut up the broccoli.

just remembered, somehow via thinking of my sore feet, how i awoke early this morning full of the thought of not wanting to not exist. there's got to be something better to tell myself about that than "too bad." or not. i don't know.
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