'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"Faced with a choice, do both"

So read my Oblique Strategy this afternoon. My first one'd been "You are an engineer", but I was too head scratchy on that, at least until I lived with the second one for a bit.

It's my 2nd day off work this week. These mini midweek takings of leave have been a laboratory. I am an engineer, but I am training in a laboratory. Hmm.

Film fest screener event postponed. Friend joining protest of MLK's niece at the U called to work this evening. Just as well. I was ready to come home.

I have some chicken in the refrigerator to make chicken philly filling ("philling"?) outta. Probably oughta do that tonight. Poultry scares me.

Tomorrow at the office I get to claim the boss's leftover calzone, a really good one, she said, such that she'd go back there to get it herself but she really doesn't want to set foot in the joint until her whole stretch of time off (tonight through the weekend) are over. There was some workplace hooha While I Was Out. Of the make-ya-crazy sort.

So me, I'll go in tomorrow, then there's a weekend. Bowling starts up again Saturday.

Linda Bacon was good. And looks a lot like Sarai, in the face and the twinkley eyes. I'm kind of a sucker for twinkley eyes. Afterwards McG and I went to the chicken wing place. (I wasn't scared of that poultry.) There were many, many televisions mounted on the walls. I didn't notice that Roy Halladay was no hitting the Reds, but I did notice the Evils catching up to and passing the Twins. We hung out and talked until late, and that was good. And I didn't stay up the rest of the overnight, bleary-eyed popping the DVDs in & out of the computer, so it felt like quite a reprieve to hear late this morning that I didn't have to get the rest of my movies screened by evening, as I had some other business to attend to too. And tonight I'm right back to procrastinating on the films. And I'm finding I want to write postcards and letters. I haven't felt like doing that in a long time.

But I'll put it off at least a bit. Right now I have chicken to go go ahead and not be too scared by.

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