'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Humphrey pictures coming, but first,

I had a light-hearted moment in the grocery store today I shall now tell you about. I was in the grocery store cuz I was talking earlier about how I was feeling, first on the phone with Lee Ann and then with others, and maybe it was that cathartic thing but I suddenly felt like buying some bread and milk and dishsoap (my family called it dishwashing liquid, but I decided making my list a week ago to call it dishsoap, is there some distinguishing name for dishwasher detergent versus dishwashing liquid or are they the same, i don't care "dishsoap" has a nice ring to it) and so there I was in the Kroger's's remodeled with its produce cluster garden and the Starbucks off on the side now, noted but not bellied up to to shoot 4 dollars, good Lisa, but gee that sushi selection is drawing me over to it, look, eel roll, sell-by date not until tomorrow, and then somewhere after the onion decision and before facing my choices for bread-type items I was humming along to a song I used to hate, "One Thing Leads to Another," by (apparently) the Fixx, and I got to laugh at myself, in that successfully-marketed-to-by-grocery-store-music way. Yeah, I hated that song back then, and I still don't like it, but those familiar strains from long ago, even if they're familiar cuz I was annoyed by them over and over again, grabbed me the way the long-ago familiar does, and I was right with it as I had never been before. I mean, gawd--- what a lousy song to be singing along to!

Some other time today I was feeling the absurdity of everything, in a way in which absurdity can be comforting. So then I was driving along, trying to remember past "Constantly risking absurdity       and death," and absurdity, if not death, didn't seem like something one risks. I mean, there it is. Absurdity in others' eyes, that's another thing. But regular old everyday absurdity--- what a fine thing.

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