'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

People really aren't buying these so much, it looks like. Will customizing help?

It got me to click on an ad for them yesterday. I think I could live without the convertible option, but I sure do like the notion of heated leather seats:

[pic of smart-for-two]

It's just a fantasy, really, having one of these myself. Presuming I could fit in one. In my fantasy it's my toolin'-around-town vehicle, which is what I do mostly, driving-wise. I could take it to Detroit & such, maybe via the U.S. highway, if I'm not in a hurry, and consider renting a car if for a big road trip on interstates, if the little bugger felt unsafe cuzza its relative size, and/or couldn't handle speed so well.

In the fantasy I get one that's new, and I maybe customize it with a wrap:

[custom smart cars a]
[custom smart cars b]

The first notion is some kind of psychedelia or fractals or something.

But I have practically forever to decide.

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