'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I got married today, in Frontierville.

It's a rainy day in RL, my wedding day.

Or, rather, the wedding day of my alter ego. Or actually the alter ego of my alter ego's alter ego. That's myself thrice removed, or moreso.

I'm also still single in Frontierville.

I borrowed Bert's hacksaw without his permission (he's out of town) with the intention, yet to be enacted, of cutting the rest of the way through a lilac branch I hadn't succeeded in severing the other day with the family hatchet and a small loose saw blade, from Bert's tree pole, borrowed earlier (with permission). Had looked in the basement for a family saw, or a Baltimore apartment saw. I feel as if I had a saw at one time. None was down there, though, anywhere near the surface of things, like the family hatchet was. But I found some more of the good/swanky packaging tape. The "crystal" clear kind. Worth shelling out for.

Been a little tight on the funds this month. Texted someone this morning "Breakfast?" who is tight on the August dollars, too. Too tight for breakfast, and besides, absorbed in a book. I made eggs with tomato and a tomato & cheese sandwich, and more coffee, and did some dishes to a This American Life about a rest stop, and watched some old Showtime. Had called yesterday to cut back my cable, and ended up trading (basically) Infomania for a $7 a month bill reduction + Dexter & Nurse Jackie. I even watched some Weeds. Yeah, there's a special. $10/mo. for 6 mos. By then maybe I really will have pulled the plug and gone AT&T.

The free movie in the backyard of the failed city council candidate that was to be tonight, rain delayed from last week, was flat-out rained out tonight. I wouldn't have been going anyway, pretty sure.

When I first played the Sims way back when, before my impatience led to looking up cheat codes for free money, I remember thinking it was sort of instructional in some aspects of living. Having to make money in scut jobs first, then working your way up. There's an unrealistically linear aspect to a career there, but there's also something to the implication that patience is necessary, and things don't come all at once. In this latest play world, I like chopping down a tree, clearing some grass or rocks. So you run out of energy. Then you eat or "rest" (wait a while). All in good time. And it doesn't hurt.

Some radio show yesterday when I was in the car was talking about asking people which power they'd prefer: being able to fly or being invisible. They were suggesting that people say flying but would really, cuz of their mischievous secret darker selves, want invisibility. So they could shoplift, have all the things they want, and watch celebrities have sex. Or so the woman was explaining it. I thought of how once in a while I remember in dreams how I can fly, always could, had just forgotten I could: I just have to lean slightly forward and know I can. And then I do, and I do. And I do. I lift off.

Of course I'd take flying, I thought in the car. If you could do it without your shoulder hurting.

Invisibility, I thought, back when I first heard of this choice, would mean eavesdropping on others, and you probably don't really want to know anyway.

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