'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Clean Up Time

I set the computer to import all the pix on my phone. That takes a while. And I'm not having it delete them from the phone altogether, so I guess I'll be one-by-one axing those too.

Reminded me of the roughly 25,000 messages in my email inbox at work, and my convo with scrawlspace about that yesterday. Reminds me of my not having gotten after my finances, or several other TCB matters, and not having had my ducks in a row fully pretty much ever.

Also reminded me of the John Lennon song, which is why I'm posting. You can listen too, if you want a jaunty beat for the clean-up theme.

Lee Ann joined facebook today. How about that? I was her first computer chat, shortly thereafter.

She said "oh the kittens - those cute pictures were criminal".

I will share one more hunk of those here, I reckon.


Manny was just running around like a nut, yowlin'. Then I heard some weird sound from the kitchen. Turns out there was a raccoon on the back deck. A bold one, actin' like it wanted to mess with us through the screen.

I was suddenly aware of how very barefoot I am. And I was somehow proud of Manny-Lassie for getting my attention. Raccoon looked pretty creepy staring at us like that. Go away, Raccoon.

I'm overdue for clean-up time in the back yard too, to say the least.

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