'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

i am finding it awkward

i am finding it awkward reading
my lj friends page, which
hosts much of my rss,
with this new page layout

but i am too lazy
to change it tonight

day with mcg and jewelz
included the rock store
i have a piece of serpentine called infinite
i am now carrying, holding, touching to my lips

it stays warm and is
a massager's healing stone

we saw the movie with the dreams
within the dreams within the dreams
within the dreams, and dumbshit action,
and klonky expositions but

an ambiguous ending that got a group guffaw
and some wonderful floatings

that made it all good, and anyway
it was air-conditioned and full of
and all kind of trippy

messed with our heads while
not sucking mightily

now again i will make a
late-night drive to the drop box
with lake tahoe, unwatched,
and a john waters picture book

then back in with kittens
whose departure's ever nearer

i like this rock
i like the white bandana
on my head today
i like the derby names we thought of

"sybil disobedience"



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