'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

foster kittens again. no temporary names yet to speak of.

Brought home 6 this time. Yesterday I was looking at puppies & got a dog pass. Then last night there was a kitty cat email, and here we are. They're on a nap break in the other room, and I'm about ready to pass out myself. One more check-in tonight, though.

This lot didn't seem to know how to eat on their own, except for one, and they weren't following the leader, taking the hint, etc. I demonstrated wet food with fingertips and prying open of tiny jaws; they'd smack-smack and swallow it, but not go for the bowlful. Eventually it clicked with two at once, and then there was a little face-smooshing feast:

[new fosters, eating]

Now I know at least 4 of them know how to eat, and I'm on it if I don't see all 6 are getting with the program. One ---the precocious one?--- has figured out the dry food, too.

Fundamental litter box training went much better. As soon as one did some business (elsewhere), I transferred the product to the box & made diggy covering/burying sounds. That got the attention of some others who needed to go, and we were off to the races, pooply and peely.

Was going to go out on the river with Sarah tonight. It's an annual bonfire-on-the-water thing. People roast marshmallows from their boats & make s'mores; Sarah bought those ingredients and I was going to bring the long sticks. But it's rainy. We were going to give it a shot anyway, in a borrowed canoe, but then got discouraged. Maybe just as well, with my young charges. She says there are full moon river gatherings too.

I hope some folks will want to come over and play with the kittens. They aren't hissy but are just getting the idea of hands and fingers and curling up on your considerable chest. Part of my job with them is socialization.

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