'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Mem Day morn

I'm not taking advantage of the cool morn to work in the yard. I've not put laundry in, and I need to today. If the rain holds off, some teammates & I (and the son of a teammate) will be rockin' the batting cage in a little under an hour from now. But I'm vegging at the desk with both kitties, enjoying the quiet, the green, the internet, the radio.

Seems that whacky Green Party guy in Columbia, Antanas Mockus, didn't do as well in the first round as people (watching his surge) had thought he might. The run-off would have to be a shocker to make him the next Prez.

Mockus interviewed

Mockus hand

I guess I won't put him here in his Super Citizen outfit.

Well, I did fill the birdfeeder and pet my neighbor dog. And drink some iced coffee I made yesterday. I also (yesterday) boiled potatoes, and with them, later today, I aim to make potato salad, one of those picnic dishes that's so much better homemade than storebought that they're really not the same food at all. Am I attending some Memorial Day bash, Bert asked? No, it's just for me.

But the batting cages should involve some bashing. I hope. The plan is to rent it for an hour, and hack away at orbs, steadily. And not think how much more fun it is to hit baseballs.

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