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Well I'd started to get to thinking it was a done deal, Kerry is going to run away with it, doesn't that figure, and my vote for Kucinich would be one of those message votes---hey, Democrats, how about this, you have a few diehard progressive/lefty types out there. But, even though he's from privilege, and even though there is, as the corporate mass media love to point out, some question about his "electability," I'm thinking now I'm going to go plunk down a vote for Dean. If nothing else, he's (a) firmly after universal health care and (b) not in the pocket of big business. And there IS more than nothing else.

Now I think I'll go give him $5, as I gave $5 to Kucinich, to add to the big numbers of small donors. There's a thermometer-style "bat" on his website I can watch jump 5 extra bucks cuzza me. Plus, what the hell, as his blog shows, it's hardly over:

delegate chart
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