'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


my houseguest is here.

he has to get up at 5:20 a.m.  insists i don't. doesn't seem right, but okay. i'll sleep in.

softball practice was fun. i like playing ball. i like throwing and i especially like catching. i like hitting, when i'm not swinging and missing. metal bats aren't so bad, when the handles are all nicely wrapped, and sometimes have a nice splash of green or blue.

my kitty cats like my houseguest. they're drawn to him. they have good taste.

turning in my big hunk of humane society raffle ticket stubs & proceeds tomorrow. a little wowed at how many i traded for how many dollars.

very tired now. lingering barely awake, with absorption from beer and wine in my bloodstream. and i seem to have a sliver i need to dig out of my finger. and i seem to have lost my cinema ring.

this dull report from a full day brought to you my very exclusive audience by me, lisa, may, two thousand and ten.

- - - -
edited (midnight) to add: ring found, sliver removed. (silver found, sliver lost.) now water, drugs, CPAP, bed.

g'night planet. hope to see you in the morning.

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