'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

fodder of the day: alienation

Or should that be "cud" of the day? Daily Cud. Hmm.

I was just perusing an article linked to in this Slate essay (about why we root for the underdog): "The Causes and Consequences of Sport Team Identification," by one Daniel L. Wann, Murray State U.  I haven't finished reading the first piece, but I guess I will, since I'm linking to it here. I haven't finished the second piece either, partly cuz I'm still at the office, but I will, or as much of it as Google Books allows me to. It's a bit of a chuckle, how detachédly it reports on sports fans, who seem self-consciously analytical about their fandom in reverse proportion to its intensity.

So I'm already thinking how this sort of analysis comes from an alienated place, and then I'm reading in it about sports fandom and alienation, or a lack of a sense thereof, in general, being reported by those who are big-time fans. Rioting skinhead nationalist fascist futballers aside, in the more innocuous forms I see something appealing in the mindless ease of it. And I've directed my cognition for parts of many an inning to how this sports business works, and doesn't, for me psychologically. It sure was fun getting caught up in those '89 O's.

Just remembered a pic of me and the Denz in the Post, being O's fans. Maybe I'll see if I can lay my hands on it & scan it to share.

Alienation is a good theme for me to poke at these days, see about disrupting.

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