'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

When things start growing up here, they don't waste any time.

I cut out of work early to do some cat comforting, then pulled up & picked up & cut up things in the yard until I'd filled a trash can w/compostables. Now I'm too tired to cook more chicken breast from the 2-for-1 sale. Besides, I have some leftover from last night.

Somehow Siobhan being voted off of the TV show has put me off of all of TV. I don't expect that attitude to hold, but it wouldn't be the worst thing if it does.

My softball team is going to have 2 practice sessions before the season starts. Last year we didn't have any, so it's kinda like we mean business. (But only kinda.) I'm so zonked from a little yard work after a little cat comforting, I'm in for a physical challenge, almost surely. Seems to me I didn't do too well last year getting much cardio activity during softball season. After each game at least a day was shot for moving very fast. Have to see what I can do about doing a better job that way this time around.

While I was at the shelter tonight this one kitty cat, Spring, got adopted. The young woman consulted her mother by telephone, hoping the woman wouldn't be mad that Spring isn't declawed. Declawers of the world, I hate you.

There was a list today of cats who've been scared or skittish, and could we please give them extra attention. The ones I saw didn't seem so skittish, though. I don't usually let myself have favorites, but I rather bonded with the lovely Sheila Dee:

Click on her for more info, while her Petfinder listing is still active.

She's very soft.

When I'm visiting the kitties, I like when there's no one around trying to make conversation with me. I especially like when there's no one trying to draw me into some annoyingly transparent self-aggrandizing conversation. I like when it gets to be just me and that cat. Often I think about going back to dog walking, and I may well, when my stint at this job is done. But I'm better at this job. It comes naturally. All those years with all those lesbians and all those cats, I guess.
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