'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

not going to bed

i think i need a push. inertia is a body in motion tending to stay in motion, a body at rest tending to stay at rest, and a body on autopilot awake, with that strange inner programming, tending to stay awake, even as sleep laps further and further up the shores of consciousness. these tendencies are unless acted upon by an external force, that is. thus the call for a push.

it's a problem sometimes, this thing. i think now is one of those times. or tomorrow morning. but now too. come to bed, sweetie.

i went to the grocery store on the way home from work today. that seemed like enough to accomplish this evening. i've been very not up for that, of late, the shopping. earlier i'd called the guys who fixed my car window and didn't quite get it right, it seems. gonna take that back in friday. earlier than that i drove homeward in the middle of the day to walk the neighbor dog. and i worked late enough to make up for it. these are things i accomplished today.

and i cleared some off the DVR. Lost was a rerun with subtitles. i suppose it's partly to catch people up, as they're perpetually trying to do, but it came off like a gloss for the plot-challenged or something. give me Pop Up Video instead, any time.

asleep on one's feet, asleep at the wheel, asleep in frog pajamas, asleep with the phone in my hand, asleep among the flowers, asleep under your desk, asleep beyond the brittle towns. asleep by now.

type asleep enough times, or look at it long enough, and it does that thing words sometimes do. it looks wrong. it looks crazy. it fails to hang together to mean. it's shapes, and it morphs, which letters go with which, or none.

last one up on google chat's not a rotten egg, but no fresh fruit neither.

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