'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

lightness as darkness falls

Gave my pass to tonight's screening in the D of You Don't Know Jack to Smilka. Came home and went for a walk with onstar, whom I hadn't seen in quite a while. We sat in my new chairs a little first, and then again afterwards. She's not a bouncer, so that glorious aspect of them was lost on her, but she found her chair comfortable. Liked the considerable back of it, and having a place to put her arms.

We walked down to the local library branch and back. It was a cool evening, but with some sun. Lots of smells along the way. And we trespassed at the no trespassing former shopping center down the street. As opposed to the one across Packard that's getting emptier all the time.

We ran into a guy who wanted a light, but we didn't have one, and he complained that nobody in Ann Arbor smokes, compared to people in Detroit.

onstar thought it was a fine thing I've bought myself some goodies lately. And then when we got back and stopped at my mailbox, my fed tax refund check was in there.

At the library I picked up this book:

[cover, When You Reach Me]

Nice cover, no?

Hey, any of you know anything about City Island (NY)? Looks like it could be a cool place to live. There's a movie I was reading about that's set there and has the place's name as its title (imagine I'd used "eponymous" here somehow). One of its characters is a teenage boy who has a secret crush on the fat neighbor lady. The director talked about attraction to fat women in this Salon piece the other day. There are some good lines in there.

It's playing one cinema in Michigan--- the Main Art in Royal Oak.

Time now for me to eat some supper and watch some TV. Good night.
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