'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

lovely day

hey, there's zach, with susan. maybe i'll run out there. they're going the other way, must be just starting the walk.

it's about time to get them storm windows off. i've got two more days of movies, and then it's back into the physical world, as this time of year invites me to go, to do. looks like i'll be playing softball again this year, and boy oh sister am i in bad shape for that prospect.

i have flowers that'll be coming up. raked and finger-cleared some muck out from around them the other evening.

today i am registering relief along with other registrations, and i'm also (and this is the impressive part) managing not to worry about or dwell on what might be wrong with that.

dang, susan, did you take him all the way the other side of packard or something? where's my dog?

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