'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

All night on my butt in Chris Willie's Barnes & Noble chair

I really was gonna get up after watching House (from Monday), having already been at the TV well over an hour. But then there was Project Runway, which is sorta time-sensitive. And then just as that was ending Humphrey got back in my lap. So it's on to the opening of this season's Sober House, with recent grads from Celeb Rehab, along with a few from Sex Rehab, which was on before that.

I knew this one woman Jennie was going to be on it cuz she mentioned it in her blog, from which she was on hiatus during the time at the sober house, last summer. I like her blog. I like her tags for days by category---simple categories, like Good Days and Uncomfortable Days and Beautiful Days and No Good Very Bad Terrible ones and just plain Days. They're the kind of tags that are tallied on her main page by size---as the # of one kind grows, the font size of its name gets bigger. This thing of hers is the best application I've seen of that tagging cloud effect.

I have qualms about not just the tawdry voyeuristic element of this recovery "reality" exploitainment but also about Dr. Drew & co.'s conflict of interest, as purveyors of the product as well as purported rehab pros. Forget the probable sleight of hand in editing and the annoying way of showing us the especially unsavory clips literally a dozen times, between the teasers for the next episode and the after-this-break "coming up"s and the post-commercial catch-up replay and the last-week "previously on"s and the cut-away flashbacks that touch base with it again at the drop of a hat of it seeming called for, episodes down the road. That stuff's annoying, but there's something sinister in that way the healers are profiting not as much from their help as from something else. You're not going to convince me that, for instance, it was theraputically called for to put the ex-lovers with the histroy of domestic violence in the same rehab group. But it's perfect for TV drama.

That said, I can still buy the messages of recovery that are so big in the premise and the plot.

Dennis Rodman's gonna be walking out the door in a sec. I know cuz I've seen the same snippet of it three times already, and it hasn't even happened yet, in the dominant timeline of the show.

Humphrey, we can't do this again for a while, this all night in the TV chair. If I had a brain scan like Dennis's, it would surely show degeneration from this habit.
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