'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

thrift scores

after the car wash and before i got to cleaning the inside of the car, as it sat in my muddy driveway and during which lee ann called, while she was driving down to no. va. to meet lorne and go see buddies, i went to the salvation army, even though i disapprove of the salvation army, and along with some half-off garments and nifty glassware, and though i already have 2 that don't glow in the dark, i got a basketball that does.

the line was very long. the kid behind me, on his own, had to be somewhere at 1:58, he told me, and he wasn't sure whether he could do it, with that long line. he'd just yesterday gotten his first grown-up phone, and he was taking pictures of the line to show as evidence of why he was late, if he turned out to be late. he held the basketball and glassware for me while i removed hangers and took off the fleece i'd tried on and decided to go ahead and get. after a bit i realized that most people don't pick times like 1:58 to meet people somewhere, though i do, so i asked him about that. that's when the bus was due on packard near stadium, and he was figuring that was a 10-minute walk, and was thinking he was gonna be out of luck. so i said i'd give him a lift. when we finally got to check out, we met up again at the front door and i drove him to the bus stop, all fake speedy, accelerating a little faster than normal and getting into it, like you do when you're a kid, or with one.

while we were in the car, with the kid holding the eggs i'd bought at the farmers' market (i'd thrown everything else into the back), his little brother---a tech nerd, he told me, proudly---called. little brother had gone online to check some map and found that the bus was running x minutes late, so we had a chance. the call added to the sense of event, adventure, zoom zoom. i bet it was that little brother who was waiting on packard when i dropped the fella off. big waves, smiles. and we were triumphant, for the bus had not yet come.

i thanked the kid for holding my eggs and my basketball, and he thanked me for the ride, jumping out with that victory "yeh!", and we were each off for the rest of our day.

in addition to cleaning the car, i finished scrubbing the bottom of the copper saucepan (family Revere ware) with the last of the Twinkle, washed most of the old dirt off my new basketball with the organic orange cleaner (and tested the ball for glowing---it works! beautifully! silhouettes of yer fingers against the weird green-yellow orb, and cats who wonder what the hell that is!), and used the Goo Gone to get the pesky stickers off my two skinny highball glasses with white line waves and my four short cocktail-type tumblers with the orange and yellow '70s-aesthetic pattern and the logo for We women's entertainment.

it's all about the weather today. something happens up here when we get the first glimpse that it might be breaking.

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