'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Do possums eat rabbits?

I didn't know the answer to that. Home from bowling, I was watching a bunny, from my car in the driveway, as it made its way along a little bunny pathway in the snow up on the mini-ridge by the fence. Then I saw it was being followed by an opossum down that little path, and I honked. And the bunny moseyed along quicker, and the possum looked at me. "What?" "Geez."

There's, like, a little creature highway up there.

I get up really early tomorrow for the doggie thing. In a few hours I'll be thinking it's nuts, but what the hell. It's something to do. Too bad the stalwart dog rescue chain players don't start at noon on weekends. But I guess dogs don't start at noon either.

I napped this afternoon, with the cats, and thought, waking up, of ways dogs are better role models. For me. Than cats.

G'night world.

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