'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's after midnight, so I could renew my library things and

have them due on a future Saturday, not a future Friday.

Did we usedta could have longer subject lines here at lj? Why shouldn't I be able to have really long titles if I want them?

Today, all impulsive, I volunteered to take a leg in a rescue dog shuttle caravan chain. Dogs from Kentucky are being routed to no-kill shelters in Ontario. Here's the catch: my leg means being half an hour from here at 7:10 in the morning on Sunday.

I'm hoping it'll be more like the very tired but excited getting to school at 4:45 for a bus taking the band somewhere, 30 years ago, vs. what it usually feels like to get up early, in the snowy cold days of this stage of life.

(30 years ago?)

I am so floaty any more. Not tethered to the other humans. Flotsam, jetsam, jettisoned, Jetsons. Yet all tied up, tied down, grounded, heavy, stagnant with the full mundanity of now.

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