'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

As I do some taking care of business on the computer tonight,

I've been listening to Kevin Smith's "Smodcast" about his experience with Southwest Airlines. It's pretty hard to listen to, the way his wife, in the sidekick role, keeps chiming in to agree with and underscore everything he says. Sometimes she's says "uh-huh" or "yeah" or "wow" a little early, before he's actually made another point. The number of "mm-hmm"s and "right"s and "exactly"s boggles the brain. He bulldozes over most of her constant variously worshipful and affirming sounds. At one point she does briefly take one non-affirming stance, suggesting he not "bring the gender thing into it," when he's saying it's worse when the stewardess takes aside a fat woman, cuz that's a woman attacking another woman, which is worse, but he dismisses her instantly and goes right back to how it's worse, and she flips in a heartbeat to go right to agreeing, as he rants on, including his "Do you know how hard it is to be a woman?"

Maybe he is getting politicized about fat, and maybe he'll bring some power to the airline issue, with his fame. But that rambling Smodcast in which he lays it out and rants on is some creepy-cringey audio. That sidekick wife: holy freakin' moly.

At least twice there's the thing when she says "I know what you're saying" and then he says right after that "You know what I'm saying?" That thing makes me crazy. Yes, Kevin Smith. She just SAID she knows what you're saying. And now she has to say it again.

But that's pet-peeve crazy, the crazy that thing makes me. The dynamic between that guy and that woman in that conversation--- it's disgusting crazy. I don't think it's necessarily got a lot to with how he has money, but it is about him having power. And intoxicating substances in the mix might be ramping it up while dragging it out.

I despise that dynamic. I've been spat at in angry pseudo-conversation monologue like that too much, asked to serve that role of witnessing and validating ranting rage, on & on as if it can never be satisfied, only play itself out with exhaustion. And I'm not even partnering with anyone who does it. However political this moment for him in his situation as fat in our culture, the glimpse into the life of that couple is horrifying, in a triggery way, and a great Valentine's Day reminder of one of the many relationship situations I'm so much better off not to be embroiled in.

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