'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Got the Jeep back, with its new head gasket, on a quickie trip
to Holly's mom's outside Cincinnati. I must say, it was good
to be behind its wheel again (its airbagless, EZ-steering wheel),
sitting up high where you're the queen of all you survey---and
that's a heck of a lot more than you can survey from the seat of
the sporty Cougar. Sure, the Jeep's a little noisy and the
engine always sounds like my '75 Chevy Nova used to on its last
legs when it was about to stall, but I do so like being up off
the ground, yet in a vehicle I can see over when standing next
to it.

Somewhere between Dayton and Troy on I-75, the Jeep started
shaking, more and more with each passing second; by the time
I'd steered it through the one lane to my right and onto the
shoulder, I was certain the problem would mean the end of the
vehicle after all, and I'd turn out to've been a fool to spend
almost $700 to get it going again. When it was just a tire
blow-out, I could hardly believe it. We had a semi-workable
spare, too, though it does have a slow leak, so at least one
new tire is in order. Probably can get away with one, as two
of the others are in similar good shape and the third is almost
new itself.

The last blowout I had was on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, in that
'75 Nova, with four other students from Washington College,
coming home from a trip to the Annapolis Record Exchange. Each
of my fellows showed something of her or his personality in the
choice of how to respond to the inconvenience/delay, and I
began the formulation of my Flat Tire Theory of personality.
Meyers-Briggs had nothin' on me, I tell ya.

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