'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

so do you think,

when people say someone will be in their prayers, that they (generally, more often than not, almost always) really have regular prayers in which they remember that person or situation or w/e?

i did hear somewhere recently that some high percentage of americans, like 80+%, pray. many more than consider themselves religious.

i'm thinking maybe it's not so much a figure of speech. but i really don't know.

if it's not all that different from somebody or some situation being in your thoughts, i don't find that hard to imagine. it's that concerted praying thing. i did have bedtime prayers in my early childhood, and i think they had people in them. i know church bulletins have suggestions for people to put in yours.

when i heard that thing about americans and prayers, i also wondered how many of us pray for something to come out a certain way, or to get something. like, acquire. that seems pretty american. and that seems pretty cynical, of me, to go right there.

last coupla days people have been praying for my brother, who it looks like isn't as seriously sick as it looked like he might be. that is, he's pretty sick, but not with a dire prognosis. should get better.

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