'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

an alright sunday so far. sundays on long weekends: cozily sandwiched between other days off.

that sounds like facebook/work-casual level talk, doesn't it. well you're gonna get that from me here too. obviously.

i slept in big-time today. my revised scotch tape job on my ruptured CPAP mask is holding up well, but i did have to doff it anyway 'round about 6:30, with congestion. i'd gotten up to clean up humphrey barf. this is 2 days in a row he's spit up watery stuff, 4 or 5 times now. gonna have to keep an eye on him; he seems hardy enough. been extra-cuddly lately, but i chalk that up to a combination of my charms and the cold.

i'm typing on my old (very grungy) imac keyboard, as my new imac keyboard has lost its (9-O-L->. keys. in a diagonal row like that it may indicate a short, i managed to google somewhere while still using it. apple, bless its heart, will swap me out for a new one, cuz i've not had it a year yet. this without buying any extend-o service deal, too. i have the option of mailing it back at their cost while they mail one out to me in the meantime or taking it by the apple store.

i sure do expect little things that go wrong to have the potential to have really messed up processes of resolution.

otoh, i seem to be in a spate of being relatively chill about little things going wrong with people.

lorne reappeared on facebook today with this status line: "A few enduring mysteries to which I am not currently seeking solutions: Radio call-in shows. Canned soup. Wagner. Ice dancing. Maxwell House. The P.T. Cruiser. Charlie Rose. Cupcakes. The Stones." then he posted a charity watch item clicking through to which revealed that my choice for haiti earthquake relief, oxfam, gets only an A-. he promoted the International Rescue Committee, Action Against Hunger, and (a popular choice) Doctors Without Borders, saying "I've intentionally left out the Red Cross, which still hasn't adequately addressed the mismanagement of its blood supply, and the Salvation Army because of its organizational persecution of smokers, drinkers, and homosexuals."

i can just see their rainy sunday, at Buzzards' Roost, padding around & scritchin the dog & rustlin up some pleasant lazy meal.

me, now i aim to mosey out and get after my crazy messy kitchen. good sunday to you, anyone reading.
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