'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

In the winter I crave ice cream.

We're finally getting more than an inch of snow. I guess it's often not real snowy hereabouts until Jan & Feb.  Janufeb, somebody called it, or something like that. This corner of Michigan is the least snowy sector, spared the lake effect.

I just flashed back on a drawing Steve did that I surely still have in my possession somewhere. It was the world, labelled with "Weather that bothers Lisa" and "Weather that doesn't bother Lisa." Maybe I'll scan it for you if I ever find it. I just got the cable to hook up the scanner I got many moons ago, with this machine, free.

Was looking again last night at a document I came across in the fall, looking for info on my father's father. It's Warriors Without Weapons: A Study of the Society and Personality Development of the Pine Ridge Sioux [Gordon MacGregor, Univ. Chicago Press, 1946]. That grandfather, whom I never knew, worked on the project.

I was snooping around about him cuz it seems my dad perpetuated the idea, later in life, that he (himself) was of a notable percentage Indian blood. Like, half. Or maybe 1/4. I had liked to think such a thing when I was a kid, but I just thought that was something Robbie & I made up cuz it would be cool. Now I wonder if we didn't get the idea from him. There was certainly no evidence from his mother, the only grandparent I knew, that this was the case with that grandfather---in fact there's evidence to the contrary. Hard even to keep the benefit of the doubt going for ol' dead Dad on this one, running over what I know of the family.

At a department function when Holly & I were in Kansas, I was talking to my dad's old buddy, and I got a story from him that I'd never heard, and surely would have, were it true. I remember wondering whether Gillespie was not so much calling up the story as trying to telegraph to me that my father had been a fabulist. Or a compulsive liar. Lying when it would be just as easy to tell the truth? or more like when the lie would be cool?

Well, the snow's coming down, a little more steady than lazy, in the streetlamp light out there. Guess I'll cook me some supper, watch me some TV, maybe fold me some laundry. Glad to be in for the night.

[snow slushy road and red lights]

P.S. vjsmom, if you're out there, ever, any more, I finally ate the last of the Rice Krispies treats tonight.

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