'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

let me do my exorcises

exorcises, exorcises

my mom had this thing she did with her fingers that i thought was funny when i was a kid. it was like finger calisthenics, accompanied by a little chant.

as far as exercise exercise, i remember Mom being a practitioner of what was known as "the bicycle." a floor exercise. i can still see her hips and butt, in those elongating jackie-o type slacks, up at the top of that triangle with her arms, and her long legs sticking up in the air from there. not that she did it a ton. but that was a memorable exercise.

it looked like this, and you'd make circles with your feet up there:

[pic of bicycle exercise position]

there's a more common exercise now by that name, it seems. an alternating crunch. horizontal. i see the bike motion in there, but Mom's was funnier. and probably funner.

exercising is probably funner than exorcising.

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