'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

i smell like the bowling alley

which smells like smoke. but i hear there's a new law that's soon gonna make the smokers go stand out front & form a smoke gauntlet instead.

when i went out of the house this morning & came back in, i could smell the rich cooking smells still in the house from yesterday. i love onions. and when the top of your potatoes gets brown in the oven.

i'm sore now from bowling. my teammate, who's older than i, had been to a dance class and to a workout class with russian kettlebells, both, earlier today, and then bowled. not to wish her ill, but i hope she'll be more sore than i tomorrow. i mean, criminey.

kelley forgot about bowling.

it's squirrelykat's birthday. happy birthday, squirrelykat.

what else.

i dunno. nothing else, i guess. i oughta take a shower. i checked & found i have a lot of little movies i need to get through by monday, though i've had the case for over 2 weeks. i shan't be as leisurely a screener with the remainder.

i have an impulse to close with a quotation of wisdom. but i don't have a quotation of wisdom in mind. do you have one to share with me?

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