'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's rainy and probably fairly cold.

I've not been out in it yet. Will find reasons to get there.

It's Kelley's birthday.

I have tomorrow and the next day off work, but no particular plans for them. Well I guess I do need to get through the rest of this case of Film Fest DVDs. And that'll be entertaining, some. I feel such a slug, though. Been so sedentary this fall. Cranking up to movement again would/will be rough at first.

One of the unfortunate things about letting the house get away from me is that there's always an abundance of "should"s keeping me company, visibly, physically. They stand between me and some things, most of which I like. I put them there. I own that. Of course I own that.

Ownerous. Ha ha.

I own that too.

I'm gonna bet that slangy usage of "own" goes back less than 25 years.

If you were to obey the following rule, how often would you be getting laid?

      Every time you catch yourself thinking about language, go fuck.

Just realized I'm hungry. I've had some coffee & done the backlog of dishes & processed some more laundry to add to the unfolded heaps & attended to my idiotic facebook game domains. Now there's less than half an hour of Arwulf left today.

Weekend Edition with LeAnn Hansen whom Lorne hates included another piece on that '50s NYC jazz loft (recordings made in which have just been uncovered) and an interview with Nelly Furtado about her Doris Day cover record which includes "Mean To Me," which is a Doris song cuz it was in the Ruth Etting biopic Love Me Or Leave Me, and which we heard Nelly's version of during the interview. Arwulf, perhaps coincidentally, played Ruth Etting's "Button Up Your Overcoat" (Take Good Care of Yourself [You Belong To Me]) (which I see from that link was the flip side of "Mean To Me"), introducing it as good advice for today, characterizing it as an example of jazz-pop crossover, telling us what-all jazz folk comprised the band (some big names), and describing Ruth as "basically a gangster's moll," saying her boyfriend had a lot of shall-we-say influence in the recording industry, so saw to her stuff being recorded and properly promoted. I never saw the movie. I know almost nothing about Ruth. Now I wanna know more. She does a funny thing with her voice in that song. Funny in phrasing and attack, or some more specific musical term I don't know.

Oh, it's Liane, not LeAnn. If I were following the rule, this would count. If I were following the rule, I'd never manage to get the dishes done.

Well, it's the Grooveyard now. George has just promised the African stuff he's starting with will help us get up and moving and get the blood flowing. Let's see what I can do that way. It's pretty dance-y, it's true.
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