'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

dog inspection woman was okay

we sure stood and talked for a while. then i did yard work and washed a coupla windows and the back of the sliding glass door. it's the last compost pickup this week, bert tells me.

i didn't clean up all spic-and-span for this visit. thought i'd let her see more or less what i live like, with less laundry about and a clearer kitchen counter than is often the case. we walked the fences and talked about them and strategies there and the various bramble. she also had a great suggestion for where i move the cats' food---i'd been having a hard time coming up with a good solution there.

the woman i already know is gonna inspect me for another dog rescue group in a coupla days.

and then i may just hunker down for the winter and think dog again in the spring. maybe. or just up & come home with one. but the crate, maybe that, at least, oughta go back to the store this week.

i'm not giving good blog tonight. i know. sorry. have barely eaten---i'll blame that. and then go eat something.

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