'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I have to get dressed

and straighten up a little. A dog rescue woman is coming by to perform a "home visit." This despite my increasing hunch that I'll put off any dog adoption for the near future. Unless, as Tracy suggests is the way it will happen, the dog comes to me.

I do have a loose interpretation of how the dog could come to me. As in it wouldn't have to traipse up to the stoop and ring my doorbell.

Which is good, cuz I don't have a doorbell.

Bowling last night. The full team, all at once---first time this season, I believe---and McG's new gf, and her friend. One league member had a seizure half way through the proceedings.

Man, I just turned down an invite for brunch. Cuz even though this home visit will probably not end up being relevant to my future pet situation, I really need to use it as an excuse to get dressed, and straighten up, and work on the disaster the kitchen has become, and cut up the rest of my branches, and maybe trim the hedge stickee-uppies & do a storm window or two. It's supposed to be mild out there, though, in here, my feet are sure cold.

Oh, and probably gather up & take the bigger-ticket doggie items back to the stores, since my thirty days will be up soon.

Okay here we go Lisa. Let's do it.

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