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Hey, I got into Ignite Ann Arbor 2, on stand-by. Psyched.

The business school has tremendously swanky digs. This may be the best auditorium seat I've ever sat in.

I see going to grab that link that the talks will be streamed. Tune in if it's Friday eve as you're reading, and you'd like to hear some 5-minute talks with 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 minutes seconds. Tonight's program here:

Ignite 2 Program
by Ryan Burns

Bilal Ghalib @: Hacker Spaces and PBLE’s – American Re-education and the Importance of Making Things

Mary Lemmer @: I scream for Gelato

Patti Smith @: The Braille Embossinator: Technology for the Visually Impaired and Disabled

Aaron Worsham @: Why Geeks Love Wood

Devon Persing @: Ambient Librarianship, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Job

Linda Diane Feldt @: There is a free lunch – and twitter helps to find it.

Carl Wright @: How to spin a rope


Jack Zaientz @: The Silver Age of American Jewish Music is Happening Now! And Why We’re Missing It.

Garrett Scott @: Rosicrucian Barber-Orators, Humanist Doodles, and a Bible Dictionary amid the Cherokee.

Brenda E. Bentley: These Buns are Made for Walking

Bill Van Loo: Are our kids technologically literate?

Peggy Daub: What was Galileo thinking about 400 years ago today?

Aaron Santos: How Many Licks Does It Take?

Angela Kujava @: The Uprising Behind the Robot Store or, Why One-On-One Attention is Crucial for our Students.

David Bloom @: Why Sex Is Great

- - - -

We're opening with an audience-wide single-elimination rock-paper-scissors tournament. I lasted 3 rounds.
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