'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Car Talk

Here's how I'm imagining the call:

Click (or Clack): Okay, next we have Lisa.
fflo: Hi.
Clack: And where are you calling from?
fflo: Ann Arbor.
Click: Oh!
Clack: Ah! Ann Arbor! Home of the "Hah-vahd of the Midwest"?
fflo: Well, hardly.
Click: [laughs] Well, what can we do for you.

fflo: Okay, don't laugh, ...
Click 'n' Clack: [laughing]
fflo: My maybe-or-maybe-not ex-girlfriend and I recently acquired a '99 Taurus wagon with over 100,000 miles on it....

{Here there would be either derision of the Taurus, querying about the relationship, or both. Then eventually I would describe the recent repairs to the cooling system.}

fflo:... And now, for some reason, the interior smells like graham crackers.
Clack: Graham crackers?
Click: Ah, indeed! I've seen this before.
Clack: You have?
Click: No. But let me ask you this: did the previous owner have any girl scouts or campfire girls in the family?
fflo: I wish I knew.
Clack: Here's a better question---does it bother you?
fflo: Nah---I actually kind of like the smell. I'm just wondering whether it's something I should be worried about.
Clack: Sounds like you worry too much.
Click: No, no---there's a problem. The problem is obviously how to add the smells of marshmallows and slightly melty chocolate.
Clack: Oh, yes---finding just the right place under the hood to heat the chocolate some but not melt it entirely....

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