'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

dog fever again

I spent a little of yesterday cruising petfinder. Blame Bessie & Lacey & Ronnie & Ralph & Jordy. Was talking to Bert last night about introducing a puppy, vs. a grown dog, to cats. Was also saying how I feel I'd have to make the lifestyle change decision all over again, even though that's not what went wrong last time I nearly became a dog girl.

There are some aspects of the current household arrangement that are definitely just lovely as they are, and would be disrupted by a pup, most verily. And I totally don't need to be told, by however many "getting a puppy?" sites, what a committment it is. Yet I couldn't help it, I went so far as to write to ask about the dog below, and his sister (I like the idea of a girl dog, and she's adorable too), who are up for adoption, and am more sad than relieved that I haven't heard back yet, that he (or she) may not be an option.

[the puppy they call Pumpkin]

Yeah, he's missing an ear.

Funny I'm thinking about it when I'm barely back from my automobilic travels. Haven't even caught up on the email.

But also funny---and so uncomfortable, for me---how hard it is to envision, assess, the realistic desirability of such a move. When I know I'm overwhelmed by the swamping of considerations, why isn't that enough? What is the next step in easily pondering choices, however big? Why is it so hard to know what I want, and would knowing why make any difference?

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