'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

almost home

I'm at a rest stop on the Ohio Turnpike, which I picked up at Strongsville. The zig-zagging will save me a few smackers---tolls have gone up. It's 10 bucks now from Toledo to the PA border.

Earlier today I was at another stretch of the Ohio River north of Wheeling. Third time I've gone moseying down along there. Follansbee had its appeal, but I'm glad I didn't croak there. Had a scary moment of numbness on one side of my face while on WVa Rte 2 in that town. Pulled over and tried to breathe while figuring out whether it was anything, reassuring myself that the semi-symmetrical (if mirthless) smile I had no trouble grimacing was a good sign.

This trip has featured countless Halloween displays and decorations, most of them at residences. Time was, back in the postcard heyday, Halloween wasn't all that, holiday-wise-speaking. That's why postcards relating to All Hallows' Eve are so valuable; they're scarce. It's been fun seeing what people have done with their houses, porches, yards. Has me thinking I might acquire one new Halloween thing every year, starting perhaps with a really big inflatable plastic jack o'lantern.

Here's one Halloween house I took a picture of. It's in one of my old neighborhoods in Baltimore:

Abell house

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