'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

motel room: another kind of time warp

I'm propped up on motel pillows watching Cash Cab. Any of you watch Cash Cab? I like Cash Cab. Except for when Ben, in the moment before the "You're in the Cash Cab" reveal, sometimes does his mumbly impression of a Middle Eastern or Indian accent, for the set-up to the little ha ha, faked 'em out. (Okay I don't hate when he does Italian New York guy or Brooklyn or Jersey boxer type voice.) But there's something queer about Ben's overall demeanor that I enjoy observing. Queer different. Queer "a little off." And then there are the folks who get in the cab.

During the commercials I've flipped channels and been reminded that the weather looks great for the last leg of my drive, once I finally get showered & going. It'll be raining at the end, but I'll have some 65 Farenheit and sunny before that.

I have time to take little roads and routes I've not rolled over dozens of times, and stop a bit when I want. That's cuz yesterday I didn't drive all the way home but lollygagged and pissed around, playing with Jordy the Jack Russell, visiting more than one antique mall & a farm market, and stopping to nap whenever I got fadey.

Should I have bought this?

bass man art

I almost bought that.

Ooh, Cash Cab After Dark! Even better.

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