'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


My phone (device) (I predict we won't call them phones a *whole* lot longer) likes to help me with apostophes & punctuation, as well as spelling. This is all very well and good, though its automatic "it's"es are going to slip by me now & then, I just know. But it also, unlike the rest of the world after HTML, seems to know the convention (I still like) of 2 spaces after an end stop. Thus if I go ahead & emoticon, and then hit two spaces, it puts a period in for me after the last emoti-character. It's tedious to clean it up. So I'm giving in. If I text you, prepare for my emoti-faces to have drooled a drop, or have a beauty mark on their chins.

I'd wager an upgrade for customizing auto-type options is low on Steve & Co.'s list.

Neighbor cat is almost done eating must-be-separate supper. I'm done with work, both day job & freelance, for today, too. Even ran an errand in there, which is good, cuz I have a handful of those to get to before my 2nd road trip of this fall. So in a minute I'll wheel my trash can back up my drive, go in & feed my kitties, and & have supper myself.

The leisurely evening at home is short, on nights like these. Makes it really hard to get to bed at a good time for getting rest. And I get up early again for these kitties tomorrow morn.

It's important to sleep. There are flu germs about.

Life lately has been living and letting live.

Okay, Lacey--- you full? Okay.

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