'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

just a closer walk; just a closer walk

I don't usually have music on in the car in the momings on the way in to this workplace, for some reason, but today the radio was on EMU when I got in, past Morning Edition time, and I got to roll along to one of those New Orleansy instrumental versions of "Just a Closer Walk With Thee."

Sometimes when it's sung, background type people do this vamp-like "just a closer walk" that's, how can I say it, a swing/bounce rhythm "Do do-Re re-Do [Rest]; Do do-Re re-Do [Rest]" walkin'-it-along kind of thing. The capital letters are the beat.

Eh, anyway. I like that. And I like that song.

Oh, the state in which a being is aware of its possible nonbeing, as one Paul Tillich calls it. Been cogitatin' on the existential. Just asked the library to pull Simone de B's The Ethics of Ambiguity for me. (Seems there's finally going to be another English translation of The Second Sex soon, aiming to do it justice---the new translators tapped for the task "are best known as cookery book writers," according to this Guardian piece about the book, but they get some serious props over here at Bookforum---which [page] led me to a good review of the book about Alice Waters that came out a few years ago.)

I'll also be getting letters between Karl Jaspars and Hannah Arendt, and between Hannah and Mary McCarthy.

You ever hear of Peter Zapffe? Here's an essay of his available right here on our computer screens.

For now mine's going back to math talk, for a couple more hours, & then I aim to go be outside for a bit. The heat of summer arrives anon! By Sunday I may have to seek relief in a movie theater.  :)

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