'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

another of those nights up lingering on the computer

what's the longest you go without being on the computer, usually?  i've been too long without a day off from it.  there've been a few days with not much of it, but it's been many weeks since i had a whole no-computer day.

safari, the built-in browser on a mac, has this "top sites" thing it'll do when you open a new tab.  it breaks out this pseudo-3D curved semi-sphere of the twelve pages you've been most frequently visiting, in three rows of four each.  it's been no surprise which pages have been cropping up there, on this still-relatively-new machine.  but i'd been wondering how long it'd take one you stop going to to go away.  and tonight i found out.  it just has a blank white box where that favorite had been.

it's today, and i'm here today, in today.  or tonight, or this early morning, if that's better.  you listening, lisa?

ack-ack-a-dack; dack-dack a-ack.

this new icon is perspective.  illustrates 3-point perspective, specifically.  i made it today after making a flyer for disclaimerwill's going-away(-again) karaoke night, which is next week.

type-chatted this evening with crippen t, from high school.  he wasn't too cool for school, but he was darned close.  told him how his playing the solo from "baker street" as we walked out to (marching band) practice had been the regular epitome of cool to me, at the moment.  there's something about the sax, isn't there.

that song, too-- it's distinctive.  it was a big hit the summer i was doing a daily babysitting job for a while for this pre-toddler whose home was kinda crazy.  but not as crazy as some other places i babysat.  one drunken father insisting on driving me home, just within our little neighborhood, after he and the mother stumbled in, fighting, way later than they were expected one night--- that was maybe the creepiest.

i didn't babysit a ton, but i seem to remember it being creepy a lot.

anyway that distinctive baker street song that was everywhere that summer is connected for me to the daytime air of driving to that apartment in the sunny hot hazy morning, probably right after i got my license, in a mixture of freedom and obligation.  it was on the radio in the car, and probably in the house, too.  i'd try to get the kid to eat, i remember, and be cleaning up a lot, and picking up toys, and hoping the child would stay asleep awhile, even though i was at loose ends there, never quite sure what to do with myself.  maybe i brought a Games magazine.  (i was a charter subscriber.)  even with the kid awake, i felt quite alone there, in the strange atmosphere.  single mother, i'm pretty sure it was.  she was definitely frazzled, going and coming back.  the job didn't last the whole summer.  wonder if i was let go.  i don't remember how it ended.

the song was atmospheric.  i feel like i can taste it.


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