'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

quick check, caught my eagle

I caught my old friend the eaglet in the nest just now, as I was closing windows at the end of the workday. Hadn't been to the site in a while. A parent soon landed in the nest and that made Hidey squawk-chirp like the billy blue-eyed, and loud. Hungry!! Still hoping they'll bring her fish. It's kind of nice to know she's not grown up completely that way, already.

As I opened this page to post, livejournal offered me the long draft I scrapped late last night, in which I went on about my date, and other dates, and my thoughts about those, and my relationship to my thoughts about those. I'd decided I didn't trust my 2 a.m. judgment on what I wanted to share.

I did say how I'd heard the news about Michael Jackson from my date for Sharon Jones. As we walked to the Power Center she mentioned our having just lost a figure from popular culture. I thought she meant Farrah. After all, she's big into "Charlie's Angels." When she'd asked which one (of the Angels) I was into and I said "the smart one?" she'd said they're all smart. And she's smart. So go figure. Anyway, no, she meant Michael, whom she referred to as a pedophile. Then she helped me remember that he was actually older than I was. I should have known that, even though it's close. Like I know how old I am compared to the children in the Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch.

Later, at the show, when I was wondering whether my companion was having a good time (she doesn't dance) (and, as she said later, she's not demonstrative), Sharon broke the news about Michael to the audience, then said all the Michael haters could stop now, now that he's dead, they can stop. Then she said something about Farrah, too, and that being sad, and Michael---well, it's just hard to believe, these people we grew up with being gone. Then it hit her that they should do a song, and it took half a minute to get it going with the Dap Kings, but pretty soon the bass player was starting up, and then the rest jumpin' in, and then Sharon sang the bass line for a few bars to pull them together, and then she went into the first-verse vocals of "I Want You Back." It was a mighty rendition.

That's a great song, that song is. The verses are better than the chorus, too, which I like. I like when they're at least as good, and I maybe like it even more when they're better. You expect a bridge to take you to a higher place sometimes, but if there's a usual spot for throw-away, it's the verses. Anyway that song has great rhythms, perfect for the funky soul rhythm & horns.

I'm not here to give you a Michael Jackson memorial, though. I'm here cuz Hidey's still futzing around the nest, and I thought I might stick around a minute and see if I can catch her taking off. But I'm about to take off myself.

I'll give you a little parting Sharon that shows her at the piano, since we usually see her singing and dancing. And hey, Hidey just flew off too.

Good weekend, ya'll.

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