'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"I'll go to your room, but you have to seduce me."

That's from Cristina,  , in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

- + = + -

Softball team got shut out, pretty badly. So far we've won only when there's cowbell. This week we were whupped by an undefeated church team, so you could say they're cheating, kissing up to God and all, but they're also better softball players than we are. We did hold 'em to no runs for the first 2 innings. Almost 3. Then all Heaven broke loose.

Had just enough players tonight to field a full team. I fouled out with the bases loaded. Did get to field the ball a little, but didn't throw anybody out. I actually charged it pretty good, once, and maybe stopped one of their many runs from scoring until the next play. Another time I didn't move to back up the play as quickly as I might have. It was fun just to be in a game that I was sometimes keeping my head in & sometimes not.

Afterwards, at Paula's, the little baby (mascot) Sarah had me melting more than the strawberry velvet ice cream all over her face. She pulls that stuff to her with a clear-cut sense of purpose, lemme tell ya, that little one does. Grabs it with both hands. Sometimes when she's tasted it, she gets this very direct expression of pleasure, with the giddy smile and the lighting up twinkley eyes, and the laughing, and the little pumping arms. She looks at us with sheer glee. I look at her and think, and try to know, she's the same species as me. Such a direct thing. I dunno. I ramble at you. I don't know how to say it. She is so happy. We sit watching her love love love it, and there's no better entertainment in the world.

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