'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I like bird seed.

Among the household commodities one may have on hand, I like bird seed. It's cheap, one stocking-up of it lasts a good bit, and (here's the special part) I usually have some ready to dispense, but if I run out for a while, it's no big deal. I get it when I get it.

Other commodities, such as fresh kitty litter, have a higher degree of pressure associated with them. Pressure not to run out, or not to run out for long.

These are my observations for you all this afternoon. A pleasant Tuesday evening to you. Wish me luck following my softball team's Rule #1 and Rule #3: "Don't get hurt."

(Rule #2 may be "Have fun," but I'm not sure. People don't seem to need to be reminded of that one so often.)

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