'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

sweet sleeping creatures

not just the kitties but the two houseguests who love kitties are snoozing away, as i write. i'm burning some sharon jones to send on the road w/the latter, who leave first thing in the morning to drive back to the farm in west virginia to pick up bessie mae mucho before heading the rest of the way home.

i've seen one of these two for 2 hunks of days within the past month, and the other i've seen for 3 hunks of days in that time. lee ann & i walked about a lot today (near campus a little, then around the arb and down by the river, and then over to the re-use center to meet the boy), and somewhere in there we spoke of how it gives the impression we don't live very far apart, all this being in each other's company. and laughed. these guys are the best "no tearful goodbyes" buddies. it can feel so easy with them. and being easy with them can make me feel not crazy, no matter how crazy i am.

through an odd set of circumstances, i ate at the zingerman's roadhouse twice today. both those meals were good, with good company. during the first one there was a woman a friend of mine has had a thing for at a table across the room, seemingly on a date. i looked over that way now & then to try to figure out if it was a date, and if so how far into the relationship the two are. they left right as we did, and did get in the same car to drive off.

recently the times i've been trying to guess whether people were on a date have been when i was on a date. being on a date is every bit as weird as i ever thought it would be. i think i thought it would get less weird after i did it some. maybe i just haven't done it enough yet. but i don't think i like the idea of doing it a whole lot, enough for it to become a matter of course. cuz part of me hates it and is, i believe, always gonna, even when it's a good one.

instead of "dating" we should call it something like "bogusness." as in "i have some bogusness tonight with this woman InsertNameHere," or "gotta go---i'm meeting someone for bogusness in an hour." then if it were exceptionally good bogusness, you could acknowledge that, even celebrate it, but without having to pretend it wasn't fundamentally bogusness, which it is.
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