'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Oh, for cryin' out loud, girl...

Woke up this morning with a belated Eight of Wands certainty. Just a little too late (which isn't very Eight-of-Wandsy). Hadn't grabbed that bull by the horns; hadn't realized I could, or should. I'm gonna say that the "present" of that middle card is a swath of time, not just a snapshot from the time of that reading. I'm not giving up on the window for grabbing power in the moment.

I believe the lawyer I went out with a couple of times has dumped me. Or, maybe more accurately, it just fizzled. Like a coupla Alka-Seltzer®s in an old-fashioned glass.

That's a glass they serve an old-fashioned in, not any old old-fashioned glass.

[stolen bandwidth rocks glass pic] [wikimedia plus sign] [stolen bandwidth alka seltzer graphic]

(Just add water.)

Tomorrow 3 coworkers and I, in exile while our office room is redone, will be sharing a small, windowless room, at computers elbow-to-elbow. It actually figures to be fun, believe it or not. That's how I'm envisioning it. Then after work I'm heading to Ypsi. It'll be a weekend.

I left the TV on in the other room. I can hear that it changed its channel to record a "Greensburg" I've already seen. Kansas forgive me, all the "green" sincerity and phoenix rising business is making it hard to stay with the show. Irony gets tiring, it's true, and it's a relief to re-learn being sincere, allowing sincerity, after youthful immersion in irony. But when the only ripples in earnestness are of the "gee, gosh" variety, well those aren't really even ripples, are they? Then a bit of cracking wise is relief all over again.
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