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According to yahoo:

Sun, May 31

1B Joey Votto [pic of Joey] finally was placed on the DL Saturday with what the team described as stress-related problems. His problems began three weeks ago when he left a game in Arizona with dizziness. A few days later he left another game in San Diego with the same dizziness. After several tests, the team determined that he was suffering from an inner ear infection and after three days of treatment he returned to the lineup. Then on Friday night in Milwaukee, Votto once again left the game, this time in the second inning. After the game he spent 45 minutes in manager Dusty Baker's office with general manager Walt Jocketty and trainer Mark Mann. The next day he was placed on the DL and Jocketty said, "It's basically something that Joey needs time away to deal with, and we gave him that time. It's not a big deal, but something that was affecting his ability to play at the level he wants to play." Votto was hitting .357 with eight homers and 33 RBIs and had missed 12 games with flu-like symptoms and the inner ear infection.

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