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Been playing a little HORSE against the computer. It's sorta fun, but not as good as the real thing.

What's better, H-O-R-S-E (and varieties) or Around the World? Looking up the rules for Around the World led me to the game link. And to some talk of this Make-It-Take-It thing the kids up here seem to go by. (Online sources say it is indeed regional.)

Poll #1403089 What's better, basketball-wise?

I think the following is better:

H-O-R-S-E or related spell-it-you're-out
Around the World
Forget those--- one-on-one half-court, you shlub! I'll meet you out there with the ball, name the time!
I'm a spectator only.
I take my basketball too seriously for any of this.

Coworker GXG was just asking me about softball last night. Told her how the mercy rule was enforced against us. Or for us, I suppose it would be. Didn't seem like mercy, though. We just wanted to keep playing. Which we did, after the ump quit. He stood there and watched and we continued, the folks from Grace (our opponent) happily agreeing to let one of our number serve as umpire to keep the fun going.

We didn't completely suck. I think our fielding may be improving. Helps that the grass in the outfield wasn't 10 inches deep this week.

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