'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

ever the rebel, i'm not waiting on "discretionary" purchases.

patrons of CostCo purportedly are. sez that annoying NPR show about money.

i had to call my credit card people to see why my charging my pending new computer didn't work. i figured there was a very good chance it was (and it was) cuz i'd just charged gas in other parts of the country with it & that kind of thing can flag a fraud alert. along with the size of that purchase. it didn't hold up my charging the dentist, or the trader joe's afterwards. that's how i've come to have TJ's kettle corn, recommended by my dental hygienist, stuck in my clean teeth.

she's right--- it's good.

i believe i'm now all lined up to send in receipts for my $442 flexible spending reimbursement. i'd been thinking it's not worth the effort for the tax savings on that much money, but besides the tax-free thing, there's the little matter of i'd probably never go to the dentist if i hadn't already "paid" for it. nor do other supposedly good things, like the mammogram i'm overdue for.

i do fantasize about going back to therapy. not great detailed fantasizing. i did used to rehearse my end of the conversation in which i call to say i want to come back. not to refine it for improvement, particularly. just, i think, to experience a version of it.

sometimes i think it's idiotic i'm not going, i so clearly could use a little help with sh*t. sometimes i think i'm doin' alright on my own, dealing with sh*t. there's sh*t in either one. the way i'm spending money lately, however, i might as well be going. and getting the special cable TV packages for custom-pick cricket games and 24-hour specialty porn. (or whatever some of them add-on super-doopers are.)

drew, at 1-800-you-ordered-a-mac, upgraded my shipping as a courtesy. drew sounded gay, if you can forgive me that speculative interpretation via stereotype. i butched up when i began to detect the lilting & the fey sibilants. and i got more colloquial. the conversation steadily queered that way. but i don't think that's why i'll be getting 2-day shipping, once they've tricked out the thing with (e.g.) a 1TB hard drive. that's a terabyte, which is over 1 trillion bytes. and even more bits. 8 times more, i think it is. and then there's a nibble, which is half a byte, or 4 bits. which (4 bits) is also 50¢, or 2 quarters. cuz a bit there is 12.5 cents, which is an eighth of something as well.

suppose he spells it "dru"?

the extent of my nerdliness here---numbers AND name spelling---is starting to get on my nerves. makes me want to go do something totally not nerdly. first thing that pops to mind isn't terribly available, at the moment, doggone it.
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