'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


Played some Euchre last night. Proud to say I was on the winning team (couple? pair? I don't know the lingo yet), despite it being only my second night with the game. The foursome was deliciously competitive. And none of them were men! Remarkable. Lesbians who don't mind people acting like they care if they win. Hell, they were lesbians who CARE if they win.

But not obnoxiously or anything.

See, for those of you in Parts Abroad and Elsewhere, these Michiganders are serious about their Euchre. One of my hosts attributes it to long winters indoors, and that makes sense, I reckon. The game's like a fast-paced mini-Hearts with jokers, of a sort.

I understand upsidedownblue and infinitepresent play a good game themselves. Maybe that play won't keep everybody too busy for a night of cards some time soon? I've got some serious winter still to get through.

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