'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

more mulch

i was less sad. i bought more mulch.

i spread some mulch. i was less sad.

i talked to a census worker, leah, though i did not call her by name, i read it on her tag, who was recording via global positioning the location of my front stoop.

i came in and went through some of Mom's buttons, brought up from the basement last night. i picked some out and took pictures so i could ask you folks which you think i should sew on the henley i thrifted yesterday. it's a boring shirt, but soft, and in good shape, and i thought i could give it some life from my dead mother's buttons.

the shirt:

[boring henley]

some choices of replacement buttons:

[button candidates]

Poll #1392190 Button, button---who's got a vote for some buttons?

Which of the buttons pictured above should fflo sew on the shirt pictured abover?

those in column 1, on the left -- the shiny deep blue opalescent-ish flattops
those in column 2, second from the left -- simple but bright red classics
those in column 3, third from the left -- deep purple two-holers with interesting/smooth texture
those in column 4, the one on the right -- the variety pack, three bright colors of light-catching classics
i'm not sure, or i have another opinion i'll comment about, or something else that's none of the above

this coming weekend in ann arbor is primetime dumpster diving. curb grab. yard hoard. it's "move out" at u. mich. (functions as a noun, "move out.") i'm aiming not to be here for it, however: planning a small escape from southeast michigan. deciding to go, in what feels like spontaneity any more (less that a fortnight of forethought), was stupidly hard, and thinking what i "need" to do before i go has meant bringing in a whole psychic kitchen sink. there wouldn't have been so much fodder for that fretting if i'd been keeping up better on taking care of business, but it's nonetheless instructive. i don't quite have the lesson plan of it in focus, but i feel certain it's trying to teach me something.

for all that caution, i've been on a jag of spending money like the proverbial sailor. not just on mulch. may be a good thing i have a dvr and can skip over the shamwowery.

i've gotten clearance from the nat'l conservation training center to come on the grounds, on my way back from the apple blossom weekend, and see the tree in which is the nest in which are the eagles i've been watching from my desk. thus finding and packing my binoculars is a legit gotta-do-before-i-go.

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